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Since February 2006, I work for Albatroz Engineering, a R&D start-up in the fields of robotics and avionics.

From January 1994 to May 2002, I was a graduate student and a researcher at the Lisbon branch of the ISR-Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica, a R&D unit of Instituto Superior Técnico (the engineering faculty of the Technical University of Lisbon).

My engineering interests encompass Telecommunications and Robotics. I dedicated most of my research effort to the problem of localisation of mobile robots, which is the subject of my Master of Science thesis.

Subjects of interest:

RESOLV project
Mobile Robotics
As a researcher in Mobile robotics, I worked four years on the RESOLV project and I elaborated my MSc thesis about the localisation of mobile robots using laser scanner and reconstructed 3D models.
Check the list of publications for more information. Most of them is available for download.
Social and cultural effects of telecommunications
Although the emphasis in research and development in telecommunications focuses on the technical possibilities, I believe it is, at least, as important to study the social and cultural effects of new telecommunications technologies and predict the user's wishes, adapting the innovations to it.
Optimisation and Algorithms
As a teaching assistant I lectured this course (forth year of the Electrical Engineering degree) and I applied the concepts and methods to the other fields of research.
Web-based interfaces for remote operation
Most designs of land mobile robots include an on-line system to monitor the mission and remotely operate the system.
A good interface conjugates concerns on ergonomy, bandwitdh, response delay, complexity of operation and learning curve.
The lessons I learned while developing remote operation interfaces had a decisive influence to my approach to Web design, focusing on usability, robustness, ergonomy and efficiency.
Robotics LEGO
Combining Robotics studies and playing with LEGO™ is very pleasant to me and to numerous people. Robotics LEGO are the reason of many books, web sites and on-line communities. On my pages you'll find some simple projects and relevant links.
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