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One motor = two degrees of freedom: translation and rotation.
How to drive vehicle to any point in the plane, using one single motor (in Portuguese). Adapted from an idea found at Lego on my mind.


LEGO References

The Unofficial Guide to LEGO Mindstorms by Jonathan B. Knudsen (book) - a step-by-step guide to learn how to build models beyond those suggested in the bok oar at official LEGO site www.legomindstorms.com. Includes many commented links to other robotice LEGO sites.

LEGO on my mind - The dream site for those who dream in LEGO mode and also to those who want to learn the engineering behind the models. Created and maintained by a Dutch university professor.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Learn while playing. Provides excellent introductions to some principles of Physics and Mechanics. Recommended especially to the ones with scientific interests.

LUGNET Robotics - The discussion forum of "Lego Users Group NETwork" - questions and answers to about nearly all LEGO sets and parts.

David BAUM'S LEGO site - don't miss this one. This author has created a language to program the LEGO Mindstorms brick namedNot Quite C (NQC). He maintains a site teeming with information and ideas: models, comments on the LEGO sets, FAQs, etc..

RCX Internals - In case you're interested in discovering the "bowels" of your LEGO MindStorms brick, spare it and spare your time too. In this site you will find all the information it seems to be possible to extract from the electronic parts.

LEGO Mindstorms Internals - A second site to know the internals of the LEGO MindsStorms brick, featuring hardware data, specifications, links and other information.

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