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Major Scientific Publications

In addition to the papers available for download, there are interactive presentations associated to the papers I presented.
Unless stated otherwise, the papers are written in English.

Monitorização remota e detecção de falhas em rede de Média Tensão
  João Gomes Mota, João Gonçalo Maciel
  LABELEC, S.A., Grupo EDP
  Actas do Forum Energia IST, volume 1, pp. 45 a 48, Maio 2004.

  in Portuguese

Abstract: EDP Distribution and LABELEC began a joint study to optimise the quality of service (QoS) of the Medium Voltage network. Acknowledging the various devices capable of QoS measurements and telecommunications spread across the network, we propose the use of these features to perform real-time, continuous, diagnosis of the network. The work plan is presented in the paper, highlighting the different features of each equipment, the communications scheme and the information architecture. Since most of the equipment is already installed on the network, there is room for significant improvements at a low cost, enhancing the QoS and the tools available for distribution management and network exploitation.

Keywords: Quality of Energy/Service, medium voltage network, telecommunications

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Localisation of a Mobile Robot using Laser Scanner and Reconstructed 3D Models
  João Gomes Mota
  Thesis to obtain Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, November 2001.

The thesis is available in Adobe® PDF format, split in seven documents:

0. Prologue (abstract and table of contents) 1. Introduction
2. The Frame Localisation Algorithm 3. The Likelihood Test
4. The Approximate Localisation Algorithm 5. Conclusions
6. References and Appendices

Mobile Robot Localisation on Reconstructed 3D Models
  João Gomes-Mota, Maria Isabel Ribeiro
  Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems 31 (1-2) pp. 17-30, Elsevier Science, April 2000.

Abstract: This paper presents a two-layer mobile robot localisation solution based on a Laser Range Scanner applied on reconstructed 3D models. This solution encompasses a feature matching layer performing without an initial posture estimate; a second layer based on coordinate transforms to refine an initial posture estimate, and a third module to assess the likelihood of the results computed by the two layers.

Keywords: mobile robot localisation, laser scanner, 3D scene reconstruction, frame localisation.

Nota: This is a reviewed and extended version of the SIRS'98 paper.

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RESOLV: da Robótica à Realidade Virtual
  João Gomes-Mota, Maria Isabel Ribeiro
  V Jornadas Tecnico-Científicas, DEE, Escola Superior Tecnologia, Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal, April 99.

Paper in:  PDF   HTML   PostScript(.zip)   in Portuguese

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Localisation of a Mobile Robot using the Laser Scanner on Reconstructed 3D models
  João Gomes-Mota, Maria Isabel Ribeiro
  Proceedings 3rd Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control, Coimbra, Portugal, September 1998.

Paper in:  PDF   PostScript(.zip)

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A Multi-Layer Robot Localisation Solution using a Laser Scanner on Reconstructed 3D Models
  João Gomes-Mota, Maria Isabel Ribeiro
  Proceedings 6th Symposium on Intelligent Robotic Systems, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, July 1998.

Paper in:  PDF   PostScript(.zip)


The interactive presentations were prepared to the audiences were I presented the papers. I believe they are a good introduction to the papers. Moreover, they allow me to go beyond the constraints of the paper pages.

The presentations open a new browser window fit to the presentation size. I recommend the versions 4.0 of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer browsers for a better viewing.

Unfortunately, a new Document Object Model implemented in the 6.0 release of the Netscape and Microsoft browsers and some of the DynamicHTML pages are no longer acessible with these browsers (see the Notes, below).

Other publications

I am also a co-author of the following papers:

Virtual Environments Creation with an Autonomous Robot
  J. Madeiras Pereira, P. Gil, J. Goncalves, V. Sequeira, E. Wolfart, J. Castro, J. Gomes-Mota, M. I. Ribeiro, S. Butterfield, D. Hogg, K. Ng, V.Dupourque, D. Leevers
  Proceedings of the International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, VSMM'98, Gifu, Japan, November 1998.

An Autonomous Sensor for 3D Reconstruction
  David Leevers, Pedro Gil, Francisco Lopes, João Pereira, José Castro, João Gomes-Mota, M.Isabel Ribeiro, João G.M. Goncalves, Vitor Sequeira, Erik Wolfart, Vincent Dupourque, Vitor Santos, Stuart Butterfield, David Hogg, Kia Ng
  Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Multimedia Applications, Services and Techniques, ECMAST'98, Berlin, Germany, May 1998.


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