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I first learned Web design to create pages with technical subjects, mostly Robotics. These were information and scientific pages. I studied some of the main Web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, DynamicHTML, VRML, Java), aiming at a clear, thorough, dynamic and interactive form of communication. In addition to the technology aspects, I look forward to reflect the viewers reaction into my web design.

In this section you will find:

Advanced Web design: JavaScript, CSS and DHTML
Examples on JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets and DynamicHTML, some of those explained step-by-step.
I also included links to other sites on advanced web editing. It is not a thorough list, these are my favorite from all the references I read.
From the previous examples, I created some applications using JavaScript and DynamicHTML.
It features Net versions of classical board games, photo albums and the illustration of my Robotics research activities.
Notes on Web design
Texts in Portuguese about the use of Internet, written from both the viewer's and author's points of view. These notes were written irregularly since 1998 and register my impressions about the evolution of Internet, especially on Web Design. Some of the notes require moderate technical knowledges for an optimal understanding.
Style guides
Links to sites and references on Web design.
After years of relentless innovations, a acquis on Web design has been established, yielding a common framework acknowledged by wide communities of users and authors.
Introduction to Web publishing
There are thousands of references on this subject. I list the ones I find more useful.
HTML Editors and auxiliary programs
Although any text editor suffices to produce HTML pages, there is a wealth of tools that make it an easier task. I list my favorite freeware and shareware tools.
Colour Cube


Safe colours

Do you know the colour cube? It represents the 216 colours implemented on the computers with limited colour space. I created a 3-dimension model that you can print as a GIF image (80Kb) and assemble with glue and scissors.

In case you only want to know the 216 colour palette, copy the 2D version.

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