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Although a plain text editor suffices to create web pages, help is welcome to do it in a more practical, efficient and pleasant manner. Some browsers include free tools for creating web pages (e.g. Netscape Composer, MS Front Page Express). In this page I suggest some free or shareware editors for MS Windows.

I think the best place to look for this sort of programs is TUCOWS, an archive with many mirrors in different countries. There you will find various options for every possible need. The trouble is to choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.

HTML Editors


EditPad - A great text editor. Once and for all, forget the original NotePad shipped with MS Windows and send a postcard to the author.

Visit EditPad site

Arachnofilia. An HTML editor that costs no money. Powerful enough for personal sites, modest on the hardware requests.

Go to Arachnophilia site

PrettyHTML (shareware) - HTML formatter to keep the code clean and tidy. Also useful to create compact code without so many blank spaces and comments in order to save bandwidth.

Go to Pretty HTML site

Animated GIFs generation

Most graphic packages currently available includes a package for animated GIFs. The two references below were designed specifically to that purpose, thus the user can manipulate all the parameters.


GIF Construction Set (shareware) - very popular for many years. Intuititive and user-friendly.

Go to Gif Construction Set site

Microsoft GIF Animator (freeware) - Less sophisticated than the previous one and not so user friendly. However, the user can access and manipulate all GIF parameters. Apparently, it is no longer available as a single product, it has been integrated in Front Page and Image Composer.

Microsoft GIF Animator

Outros Programas


IrfanView: an image viewer with limited manipulation options. There is a thumbnail view, a slide show view and also an automated index in HTML where the thumbnails shown are links to the actual images on disk.

Ir para o site irfanview
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