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The photo albums and the panoramas are the most popular area of my site. In addition to these, there are some loos pages on other subjects and commented links to other photo sites.

Photo Albums
The theme albums show a set of pictures from one common location and some text about the photos. The albums may be written in Portuguese, English or French. Sometimes they ara available in mora than one language.
Each album follows its own web design and they are viewed in a dedicated window..
Most albums include JavaScript and DHTML, so make sure your browser has these options activated.
About the albums
This page contains notes about the albums, their history, revisions and enhancements.
See some panoramas - mostly landscapes - and visit some references related to panoramas (software and texts).
Praktica cameras and gear
Although I use most often digital cameras I still use SLR cameras for a lot of my photos, mainly landscape and nature. In particular, I am very found of these robust, reliable and simple cameras...
Technical references
References to technical sites. I added a comment to each one to help you select the most appropriate ones.
Virtual photo galleries
Links to virtual galleries of different countries and cultures. I added some comments with my impressions.


I, João Gomes Mota, keep all the authorship and reproduction rights of my photos. Photos by others are indicated one by one and they are published with the express author's consent.

  The copy and reproduction of these photographs is not authorised, although I can do very little to prevent it.

  In case you want a copy, contact me. Your courtesy will be rewarded wit a higher quality file, whenever possible.

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