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When someone begins to think about creating Web contents, looks forward to learn what can be done, but one should learn what should be done, instead.

I present some of the most interesting references I read on the subject.


Web Design Group Style Guide - a simple introduction with a wealth of information for novices in HTML coding. This group also maintains a site with HTML references.

Web Design Group

Yale Web Style Guide - already a classic but still update. Free from the University of Yale, USA. Also available as a book.

Creating Killer Web Sites by David Siegel (book)- controversial... contagious ? In 1998 the author published a second edition, taking into account the changes occurred since 1995, date of the first edition.

Great Web Architecture by Clay Andres (book, 1999) - a thorough and carefully written book. Its arguments are grounded by examples reviewed in detail and interviews with leading web designers. I read the french translation "Votre atelier Architecture Web".

Jakob Nielsen (on line column, twice a week). Opinions, advice and commentaries on web design and future trends on the Internet. Co-founder of Nielsen-Norman Group

askTOG:Bruce Tognazzini, author of this column, is a collaborator of Jakob Nielsen at Nielsen-Norman Group. His column emphasises the user interfaces, which complements Nielsen's views.

Shorewalker.com by David Walker - Comments and reviews about Web design. Includes summaries about tests and trials, technical reports, conference papers, etc with emphasis on Australian issues.

Web review - An online archive of papers and manuals by different authors. Spans different areas in a technical and objective approach. Features standards reference guides and tables of browser compliance to the different standards.



The comfortable and healthy usage of computers is an important aspect of computer usability. It is addressed by manufacturers of hardware and software but often neglected by users, who are the most concerned parties.

The HealthyComputing site offers practical advices towards an optimal usage of computers and other information-technology devices.

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