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My first SLR (single lens reflex) was a Praktica. I bought it in 1993 and I still keep it, fully operational. Through the years I was buying more gear, Praktica at first, then from other brands to keep the pace with modern technology.

Notwithstanding, I'm still very found of these old, simple, robust and reliable cameras. When I miss them too much, I go out shooting with one of them just to feel the pleasure of the mirror sound and to force myself to think before I shoot.

My "collection"

The pages mentioned below show my Praktica collection in detail with pictures of the Praktica equipment and photograps taken with it.

Allthough some of the pages about my cameras are written in Portuguese, I'm confident most readers will grasp the essential information.

Praktica LTL (page in Portuguese): this camera is an early member of the L series, the longest and most successful series from Praktica.

Some lenses have a button to stop-down the diafragm, which is not necessary to measure light since he lightmeter is activated by a lever next to the shutter button with stopped down diaphragm.

Praktica PLC 2 (page in Portuguese): a model from the 1970s with M42 screw (L series). I bought it with a Carl Zeiss 50mm/f:1.8 lens.

This unit has a malfunctioning lightmeter. It uses V21PX batteries, which are no longer available. I replaced them with three L344 batteries.

Praktica super TL 1000 (page in Portuguese): one of the last M42 screw models (L series). I bought it with a Domiplan 50mm/f:2.8 lens.

This camera features a lever to to operate the lightmeter with stopped-down diaphragm.

Praktica BX20: the first model of the BX series. It was launched during the late 1980s, with bayonette mount. I use it with multiple lenses of the bayonette type. This was my first reflex camera.

I believe this camera - together with Pentax P30T - is one of the best cameras to learn photography. It is unexpensive, has many accessories and demands the aprentice dedication to yield optimal results.

Praktica BX20S (page in Portuguese): Praktica's last SLR model, launched in the year of the reunification of Germany in 1991.

It is a subtle variation of the BX camera, featuring DX film coding and a plastic rounded body.


Other gear  (for series B)

  • Zoom Lens Prakticar (B) 28-70mm/f:3.5-4.5 ø55mm
  • Zoom Lens Prakticar (B) 35-70mm/f:3.5-4.5 ø52mm
  • Zoom Lens Prakticar (B) 70-210mm/f:4-5.6 ø52mm
  • Lens Pentacon (B), 50mm/f:1.8 ø49mm
  • Teleconverter Prakticar (B) 2X
  • Lens Carl Zeiss Jena (M42) Pancolar f1.8/50mm ø49mm
  • BX winder motor
  • Flash Praktica BD 24 TTL
  • How to replace a V21 PX battery

    Some models of the L series (1968-1979) use a Varta V21 PX battery, which has been removed from market. I suggest a replacement battery made from 3 LR44 batteries.


    Pages on Praktica

    Praktica Collector: site created and maintained by Dr Mike Otto, from Dresden, Germany. He is a passionate collector of Prakticas and he has created a site that matches (and honours his passion).

    It is the most exhaustive reference I know on the Net about Praktica (and related models). It contains a brief history of Praktica factories and its predecessors, on Germany, then on German Democratic Republic (1946-1991) and then again on Germany.

    Each model is presented with its variations, with a detailed technical sheet and, in many cases with close-up photos.

    If you've never seen a Praktica before or if you want to know the details of a particular model, start here.


    Praktica m42 camera's: A good site on Praktica cameras manufactured between 1949 and 1989 (those with a 42mm screw). It is maintained by Ferdi den Broeder from the Netherlands.

    If features a forum for Praktica enthusiasts that help you solve problems and answer your questions about the Praktica gear.


    Praktica B: this site is dedicated to newer B-series and BX-series cameras (B from bayonnette) manufactured from 1980s onward. (séries B e BX). Site in German.


    It features descriptions of Praktica bodies, lenses and accessories.

    An older site , which was a sibling of Praktica m42 was (is?) maintained by Tiago Franco from Lisboa, Portugal. Site in Portuguese.


    Praktica Users: According to the author, André La Pierre, this site is an homage to a brand that produced fine cameras for a modest price, opening the world of quality photography to millions of people, most of them could not afford it otherwise. As the german language puts it: "Praktica ist preiswert".

    The site contains descriptions, technical data, manuals and photos taken with Prakticas.


    Praktica Cameras: a summary of Praktica history.



    Pentacon: Official Praktica site. Little information, sober and gray.

    It reflects the current condition of the Praktica heritage. Let's hope that better days are waiting ahead.


    On Matt's Classic Cameras site, two Praktica cameras are mentioned:

  • Praktica Super TL (Hanimex) and
  • Praktica MTL3
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