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Panoramas of Lisbon, Portugal

This page features panoramas of Lisbon, capital city of Portugal, the city where I was born, where I live and the one I photograph the most.

The city unfolds over multiple hills, offering high viewpoints, numerous belvederes and attractive slopes.

These pictures were obtained with digital cameras featuring a special mode for panoramas, except for the photos taken with Minolta Z5, in which case the angle step is variable and the exposure is manual.

Since the file size of each picture is above 200Kb, I added an intermediate size with approximately 50Kb to 100Kb.

For panoramas of other locations, see bottom of page.

The technical data on the right shows the equivalent focal distance in conventional 35mm (135 film), the angle is the azimuth spanned by the camera and the ratio is the aspect ratio, between horizontal and vertical.


(full image: 281Kb)

Gulbenkian Foundation Gardens, Lisbon

Partial view of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation gardens, a realm of leisure and culture in Lisbon since 1969.

The Gulbenkian Park area (0,07km2= 0.033sqmi) is located in central Lisbon, on the intersection of roads, railways and subways. It was projected by architects Ribeiro Telles and Viana Barreto, as one of early examples in Portugal of landscape architecture in urban environments. Their achievement is witnessed by hundreds of visitors that go there every day to look for a few minutes rest, away of city noise. After years of intense use, the park is currently under refurbishment.

CameraMinolta Z5
DateApril 2005
Focal35 mm
# photos7


(full image: 293Kb)

Chiado Hill, Lisbon

The Chiado Hill viewed from the Senhora do Monte Belvedere.

On the image foreground, one can identify (from left to right) the yellow buildings ontop of Calçada de São Francisco, the white building of Armazens do Chiado (originally a monastery, currently a shopping centre), then the Santa Justa Elevantor, built by Mesnier du Ponsard, the ruins of Carmo Monastery, and the Carmo barracks.

You should notice that between the confusion of buildings and streets, some courtyards remain, where palmtrees grow.

CameraMinolta Z5
DateApril 2005
Focal337 mm
# photos7


(full image: 110Kb)

Lisboa seen from Joinal, Almada

The Joinal Belvedere is located near Monte de Caparica, on the south bank of the Tagus. From there one can appreciate the Tagus estuary and the entry of Lisbon port, defined by the "25 de Abril" bridge.

This photo was taken after dusk and reveals a bluish panorama with highlights on the waterfront. Following the hilltops from left to right, one can see the Monsanto Forest Park; below it is the National Palace of Ajuda, which is illuminated; the valley of Alcantara and the Amoreiras towers.

CameraPentax S40
DateMarch 2005
Focal49 mm
# photos2


(full image: 390Kb)

"Águas Livres" Aqueduct and Monsanto Forest, Lisboa, Portugal

View of the Águas Livres (free waters) Aqueduct, built from 1729 to 1748, to supply water to Lisbon public fountains, both in quantity and quality. The Monsanto Forest grows on the hill behind it. On the right, one can see the new office buildings of Campolide district.

This panorama was taken from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa campus.

CameraCanon A70
DateApril 2004
Focal60 mm
# photos8


(full image: 376Kb)

From Graça district to the Arco da Graça street, Lisboa, Portugal

View of some Lisbon's typical districts, seen from the Martim Moniz square. This panorama replaces an earlier one, named "Mouraria and St George Castle" taken on January 2002. The hewer one covers a wider angle on a sunnier day.

Note: While scrolling the photo, you'll find a description of the highlights.


CameraCanon A70
DateSeptember 2003
Focal73 mm
# photos15

(68 Kb)

(full image: 335Kb)

Lisbon viewed from Cacilhas, Portugal

If you cross the River Tagus by ferry (15 minutes) and you look northwards, you'll see the port with the city behind, from Alcântara to Santa Apolónia.

Due to the limitations on the lens and the absence of a tripod, the quality threshold was lowered to accommodate such a wide format.

In addition to the fortuitous errors, there is one fault I left for you to find. When you do, you'll know in what sense this panorama was shot.

CameraCanon A70
DateJuly 2003
# photos8


(complete: 392Kb)

The port of Lisbon, Portugal

Partial view of the port of Lisbon, above the Navy Arsenal. On the left, there is Terreiro do Paço and on the right there is Cais do Sodré and the older Tagus bridge (1966). On the other Tagus bank, the LISNAVE shipyards are visible.

CameraOlympus C-2000Z
DateMarch 2003
# photos7


(full image: 379Kb)

The Castle and the Cathedral, Lisbon, Portugal

This image shows, from left to right, St. Georges' Castle, the Cathedral, and the Dome of the Municipality of Lisbon (Lisbon City Hall).

Como curiosidade fotográfica, os cabos do eléctrico que cruzam a cena ilustram a qualidade do programa de geração de panoramas.

CameraOlympus C-2000Z
DateMarch 2003
# photos5


(full image: 335Kb)

South view of the EXPO'98 site, Lisbon, Portugal

Four years after the world exhibition EXPO'98 (see photo album), the exhibition site is developing large real estate projects with scaffolding everywhere.

This photo shows, from left to right, the railway with the Oriente train station the Cabeço das Rolas garden in the foreground, the Pavilion of the Knowledge of the Seas, (white) the Camões Theater (blue) and the Galp Tower, a hallmark of the Gate of the Sea.

CameraOlympus C-40Z
DateOctober 2002
# photos6


(full image: 282Kb)

The river Tagus and downtown Lisbon, Portugal

Downtown Lisbon viewed from the belvedere of "Senhora do Monte". This picture was taken just after sunset.

On the left, there is the castle, then the hill of "Bairro Alto", Looking to the right, you can see the Amoreiras towers and the Sheraton Hotel, raising above the average skyline.

CameraOlympus C-2000Z
DateApril 2002
# photos6


(full image: 279Kb)

View from the de Senhora do Monte hill, Lisbon, Portugal

The Tagus estuary is visible, from Montijo to Cacilhas. On the Lisbon side, the Castle raises over the rooftops. This image is a complement of the previous one: it covers the area east of the Castle, while the other covers the areas west of the castle.

CameraOlympus C-2000Z
DateMarch 2002
# photos8


(full image: 282Kb)

Downtown Lisbon by night, Portugal

Lisbon's downtown by night, viewed from the belvedere of "Senhora do Monte", in the Graça district. The Castle is on the left, and the older Tagus bridge is on the center. The bright spot on the right is the Church of "Estrela". 

CameraOlympus C-2000Z
DateMay 2001
# photos3


  I, João Gomes Mota, keep all the authorship and reproduction rights of my photos.

The copy and reproduction of these photographs is not authorised, although I can do very little to prevent it.

  In case you want a copy, contact me. Your courtesy will be rewarded wit a higher quality file, whenever possible.


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