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Panorama gallery

This gallery presents panorama pictures of Portugal (mostly) and some other countries.

These pictures were taken with digital cameras featuring a special mode for panoramas.

Since the file size of each picture is above 200Kb, I added an intermediate size with approximately 50Kb to 100Kb.

The technical data on the right shows the equivalent focal distance in conventional 35mm format (135 film), the angle is the azimuth spanned by the camera and the ratio is the aspect ratio, between horizontal and vertical.

The panoramas of Portugal are split into three pages:

Panoramas of Lisboa

Lisbon (Lisboa) is the capital of Portugal, the city where I was born, where I live and the one I photograph the most. The city unfolds over multiple hills, offering high viewpoints, numerous belvederes and attractive slopes.

Panoramas from the Tagus to the South

Portugal is shaped by the Tagus river that cuts the country in two. To the south, plains and sparse forest dominate the landscape. On the inland, population is currently scarce whilst traces of ancient peoples abound.

Panoramas from the Tagus to the North

The Tagus valley is defined by a chain of hills and mountains named Montejunto-Estrela; these mountains feature the typical relief North from Tagus: steeper slopes, thicker forests - especially pinewood - and denser population.

photos of Rome

photos of Ispra

On this page there are three panoramas of Rome, Italy and one panorama of Trujillo, Spain.

In addition to the panoramas on this page, the album of Rome has six more panoramas. Also, there are four panoramas in the album of Ispra, Italy.


(full image: 230Kb)

Rooftops of Rome, Italy

The church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli offers a splendid belvedere to appreciate the rooftops of Rome. This picture points towards northeast.

From left to right, the first dome is from Sant' Andrea della Valle church, located on Corso Vittorio Emanuele; the second dome, on the background, is St. Paul's Cathedral on the Vatican; the third dome, sided by two towers, is Sant' Agnese in Agone church on Piazza Navona; and the fourth dome is Gesù church, located on Piazza del Gesù.

CameraCanon A80
DateNovember 2004
# photos3


(full image: 332Kb)

Sacred Area of Piazza Argentina, Rome, Italy

At Piazza Argentina, known as Campus Martius by the Romans, lay the remains of four temples from different periods of Ancient Rome. The archaeological works are still in progress.

Following an old Rome tradition, stray cats gathering here are fed by neighbours, in memory of the unfortunate periods of Rome history, during which the cats were sacrificed to nurture the starving people.

CameraCanon A80
DateNovember 2004
# photos7


(full image: 398Kb)

Forum of Trajan, Rome, Italy

This panorama encompasses the Fori of Trajan and its neighbourhoods. The forum was built on the second century AD and was approximately 200meter (yards) long by 180meter (yards) wide.

On the left one sees the Column of Trajan, celebrating Rome's victories over de Dacians and, on the foreground, the ruins of the Basilica (used for civil services). The forum included two libraries, one hot lavatory, among other buildings.

On the right background, one can see the remaining walls of the Trajan Market, a remarkable multi-storey building; perhaps this architecture was the best response to an overcrowded city.

CameraCanon A80
DateNovember 2004
# photos7


(full image: 405Kb)

Trujillo's Plaza Mayor, Extremadura, Spain

Circular view of the Plaza Mayor (main square) in Trujillo, home town to Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru. Trujillo knew its apogee in the XVIth century with the glory and fortune of conquerors and navigators, who build palaces, churches and monasteries.

Nowadays, the town looks down in the valley, watching the progress passing by over the Autovía del Suroeste (SouthEast highway).

Note: While scrolling the photo, you'll find a description of the highlights.

CameraCanon A70
DateApril 2004
Focal35 mm
# photos13


  I, João Gomes Mota, keep all the authorship and reproduction rights of my photos.

The copy and reproduction of these photographs is not authorised, although I can do very little to prevent it.

  In case you want a copy, contact me. Your courtesy will be rewarded wit a higher quality file, whenever possible.


Links to other sites with freeware and/or shareware to create panorames and others with information and galleries about panorama photography.


Panoguide.com: An essential reference in panorama photography. Includes tips for beginners, a step by step guide to create panoramas, analysis of hardware and software for creating and viewing panoramas.

Panorama tools: a set of free tools created by Helmut Dersch from Germany to create panorama images, both cylindrical and spherical. Includes many beautiful images. It has a drawback, though : it assumes that every one has a fish eye lens in his camera bag :-)


360º Portugal: A tour around Portugal (and a bit of Spain) browsing through hundreds of circular QuickTime panoramas. It features some spectacular (and rare) views from Portugal. The site is maintained by Santiago Ribas and includes some introductory texts in English.

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