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Album de Santa Clara, Coimbra

Monastery of Santa Clara-the-Old, Coimbra

Virtual visits to a religious compound in ruins, currently under restoration. The original church in early gothic style sank in the mud of nearby Mondego river. On top of it a new church in Gothic style was built, which has sunk partially ...

  • Photo and history notes on the Monastery of Santa Clara collected by me.
  • Virtual reconstruction of Santa Clara by the University of Coimbra's Computer Graphics Center.
  • Heritage and landscape panoramas

    Combining my interests in History and Photography, I have made some panoramic photographs of portuguese monuments and cities.

    Each panorama is associated to a brief introduction to the monument or site shown. In some cases, I also added references to other internet pages related to the same place.

    The panoramas of Portugal are split into three pages:

    Panoramas of Lisboa

    Lisbon (Lisboa) is the capital of Portugal, the city where I was born, where I live and the one I photograph the most. The city unfolds over multiple hills, offering high viewpoints, numerous belvederes and attractive slopes.

    Panoramas from the Tagus to the South

    Portugal is shaped by the Tagus river that cuts the country in two. To the south, plains and sparse forest dominate the landscape. On the inland, population is currently scarce whilst traces of ancient peoples abound.

    Panoramas from the Tagus to the North

    The Tagus valley is defined by a chain of hills and mountains named Montejunto-Estrela; these mountains feature the typical relief North from Tagus: steeper slopes, thicker forests - especially pinewood - and denser population.

    Versos de Segunda

    References to other sites about Portugal

    Versos de Segunda

    Every monday a different poem in Portuguese or about Portugal. Created and maintained by Carlos Bispo.

    Foz-Coa Archeology Park

    Foz-Côa Archeology Park

    This park was created to protect and exhibited prehistoric engravings from about 20000 to 6000 years. It's an open air site dispersed along de Côa River. There are five sites adapted to tourists visits, although only three are currently shown.

      Guide to the different archeology sites with introductory notes and tourist information. The University of Coimbra has its own site about the pre-historic engravings of Foz-Côa.


    Pedro Nunes

    An exhibition by the Portuguese National Library about the XVIth-century mathmatician.

    Interesting data about Portugal

    A site maintained by the Computer Science Department of University of Minho, with a wide range of data, from tourism to history, from gastronomy to sports.

    It offers a good introduction to Portugal for foreigners.


    360º Portugal

    A tour around Portugal (and a bit of Spain) browsing through hundreds of circular QuickTime panoramas. It features some spectacular (and rare) views from Portugal. The site is maintained by Santiago Ribas and includes some introductory texts in English.


    Confluences em Portugal

    The goal of the "Degree Confluence project" is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world. In Portugal there are 29 such intersections, and 11 have already been visited. (most of the unvisited confluences are on coastal waters).

    Conímbriga - the Romans in Portugal

    Located 15km (10 miles) south of Coimbra, Conímbriga is the most important and preserved roman archeology site.

    On Conímbriga, please read ...

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