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This page contains links to virtual galleries I'm particularly found of. There is also a page on technical sites. Some of the photo galleries contain technical data.

Except where stated otherwise, the sites are written in English.

Photography in Portuguese: an on-line community of portuguese-speaking photographers. It gathers hundreds of photographers, both amateur and professional, with different styles and preferences.
I keep there a small gallerie of single images.

fotografia em portugues

Digital Moments by Doug Menuez. This album on the daily life of high-tech companies is an antiquity (1996 :-) ) and, yet, up to date. It was a source of inspiration for my albums.
In 1999 the author enhanced the site with new portfolios.

Site de Doug Menuez

World Press Photo. World photojournalism contest. Shocking, touching, unforgettable.

World Press Photo

Musarium: magnificient photo features with fine texts and an excellent design.

Mountain Light: the galleries of late Galen e Barbara Rowell, remarkable landscape and nature photographers. Discover the beauty of every image; later you can order them on paper.
Jim Brandenburg: This photographer has a long experience with nature photos and a special interest in wolves. He has published almost twenty articles for National Geographic Magazine as well as several photography books. His motto is: everything in Nature has a spirit.
The site is quite slow to navigate but you patience will be surely rewarded.

Aurora & Quanta: a photojournalim agency with a good web design and fine portfolios.
The site has changed often since I discovered it in 1998 but the quality of photos and web design endures.

Aurora & Quanta

AGFA Photo galleries: various types of galleries, with photos from amateurs and professional portfolios, where you can submit your photos to the monthly contest.

It features moderate design, clear pages and simple navigation.

Galerias no site da Agfa

Photos of Portugal: Images of Portugal, indexed by region (in Portuguese: "distrito") and county (in Portuguese: "concelho"). A good starting point to discover the less beaten tracks of touristic Portugal.

Pictures are illustrative but they lack the precise location of the spots. Site in Portuguese.

Disappeared or blocked sites 

Photojournalism site from PÚBLICO daily paper (Portugal). Thematic portfolios put on evidence by an austere design.  

Paginas de fotografia do Publico
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