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Comics links of different styles:
  • Lire - BD (french): reviews and new editions,
  • Lombard BD Mag (french): on-line magazine of the Éditions du Lombard,
  • Rien que la BD (french): Site of Christian Mariavelle,
  • Clins d'0eil (french): the authors play with their fellows,
  • Éditions Dupuis (english, french and german): catalogs, new editions and on-line magazine,
  • Éditions Casterman (french): catalogs, etc.,
  • Glamazonia (italian): on-line magazine of Modena, Italy.
  • And some dedicated links (browser 4.0 recommended):
    Blake e Mortimer na Grande Piramide
    Samaris Ordralfebetix e Cetautomatix
    Capitao Haddock Professor Mortimer
    Broussaille in Brussels Tintin
    O festim da aldeia gaulesa
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    Maus by Spiegelman:
    a personal and historical
    look at the Holocaust.

    Blake & Mortimer de E. P. Jacobs.
    See also a non-official site by a creative
    and gifted fan. Don't get lost in the caves!

    Le Site d'Urbicande a visit to
    the extraordinary "Les cités
    obscures" by Schuiten and
    Peeters. Architecture,
    Science and Emotions.

    Don't you know
      meeee ?   Improve
     your culture at the
     Astérix site.
    We're all there!
        And the air there does not
      smell like rotten fish.
    Visit my friends at the
    Hergé page, with links to other
    Tintin related sites.

    Broussaille by Frank and Bom
    Discover a curious, adventurous
    and optimistic old-fashioned hero.

    Let's have a party under
    the moonlight! There
    is peace and harmony
    until the next adventure.