Three days in Rome it's too little time to know the city. It's barely sufficient to acknowledge the munificence of the city and to listen to the echoes of the history around us. Instead of complaining about the duration of the journey, let's seize every minute.

Since the daylight is short in November, we were driven to explore the city also after dusk. Rome's hills - albeit famous - are gentle and easy to walk. The city is fairly illuminated and there is no sign of insecurity. In fact, one asks if all those policemen around you are really necessary. Streets are crowded with people in different moods and looks: silent and cheerful, serene and hurried, angry and enchanted, young and old, poor and rich, elegant and casual, roman and foreigners.

This album offers a course through the historical centre of Rome (see map), split in four segments: from the Coliseum to the Pantheon, from Via del Corso to August's Mausoleum, from Piazza Navona to Isola Tiberina and the last one visits the Vatican and the Trastevere. Any of these routes can be walked with moderate effort.

Photos were taken at different days and hours, from dusk to around midnight. There is people on the streets even at these late hours, especially on weekends.

We wish all visitors a pleasant virtual tour. Let it be the enticement to walk these roads, following the steps of our ancestors.

João Gomes Mota

2004, Joao Gomes Mota