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Discovering Abandoned Lisbon

The Lisboa Abandonada site (www.lisboa-abandonada.net available in Portuguese and English), reveals a face of Lisbon usually invisible to foreigners and also to its local inhabitants. It was created and it is maintained by Pedro Fonseca with the purpose of report the number and characteristics of the Lisbon's abandoned houses.

According to its author:

"this project's goal is to attract public attentio to the grave issue of abandoned buildings in Lisbon - how often do we pass by without noticing them ?"
sample record

The author rallied a group of collaborators - I am one of those - and created a database of images and information about each abandoned house in Lisbon.

He also added a Forum on Urbanism, a monthly newsletter, news articles and links to related sites.

My collaboration

I created a companion record of abandoned buildings, which contain the photos I took and, in some cases, anedoctes associated to the house. This companion site is only available in Portuguese.

Later, Pedro Fonseca and I created a record of Renovated Lisbon, still in construction. This site contains the houses that were once abandoned and that are now restored or replaced.

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